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About the LBBC

About LBBC The LBBC was established in 2004 to promote business relations and commercial activity between the British and Libyan business communities. We achieve this primarily through the provision of trade development initiatives, networking opportunities and exhaustive market research to our Council and Corporate Members which include some of the UK's leading corporations and represent every major industrial sector.

The LBBC works with the British and Libyan authorities and has strong working ties with a number of public and private sector organisations which help us to facilitate bilateral trade and investment activity.

Our team of highly-regarded staff, which includes former British ambassadors to Tripoli, company directors with unrivalled knowledge of specific market sectors within the Libyan business scene, and recognised experts in the field of UK-Libyan relations, work to foster high-level links between decision-makers and business leaders in both countries and to deliver exclusive market intelligence to our members. For new market entrants considering opportunities in Libya for the first time and for British and Libyan firms already doing business there, the LBBC can offer assistance in a range of ways. Key services include:

  • Promotion of commercial opportunities and introductions to political and industry decision-makers, potential partners, clients, investors and in-country agents through participation in our programme of networking and trade events

  • Assistance in addressing specific business-related problems and legal issues, including applications for multi-entry business visas

  • Provision of business intelligence and market research, delivered to members in the form of newsletters, email updates, exclusive reports and one-to-one briefings.

The remarkable events of 2011, culminating in the overthrow of the Qadhafi regime, have created the prospect of a more transparent and predictable Libyan economy less burdened by corruption.  And the historic elections of 2012 - the first democratic process in Libya for more than four decades - have created a political leadership committed to rebuilding the country through commercial and industrial partnership with its own burgeoning private sector and with the international community. The Libyans are keen not only on reconstruction but also on economic development and diversification, to turn around the neglect of the past four decades and build in a more structured fashion on the haphazard projects of Qadhafi's latter years.

The rapid recovery of Libyan oil production and exports, coupled with the progressive raising of UN sanctions on its massive financial reserves, means that Libya will have the money it needs to pay for its plans.

These changes will allow Libya, including a reinvigorated private sector, to grow its economy and meet the needs of its young, ambitious population. They will also provide UK firms (and our international competitors) with a major business opportunity. The LBBC looks forward to assisting British and Libyan companies to work together to realise the country’s full potential, by supporting the processes of economic development and diversification which were stifled for so long under the previous regime.

For more information about how the LBBC can help your business interests in Libya, please take some time to look around our website. Or for immediate assistance contact us today.